Side projects
giving back to the community

UX Collective -

We believe designers are thinkers as much as they are makers

The UX Collective is a series of projects and iniatives to give back to the design community, reaching over two hundred thousand followers across the globe.

Fabricio Teixeira and I dedicate our time creating and curating design content we’ve always wanted to read.

Curating the largest Medium publication about design

The UX Collective started as a blog in Portuguese more than ten years ago by Fabricio.  Last year, we shared over two thousand articles and resources to more than 250 thousand designers through our Medium publication and our weekly newsletter.

Every day, we receive and review dozens of articles from designers around the globe of all levels and backgrounds. The email exchanges and video calls with them often became more than just about their articles, but a way of us offering mentorship — and learning a lot from them as well.

Our Medium publication and newsletter requires daily work and love

Creating the content we want to read

The daily exposure to different designers beyond our work and social circles also allow us to have a deeper understanding of the state of the design industry.

We bring this discussion to everyone in our long-format pieces like our annual Trends report and our deep-analysis Essays.

Our long-format pieces are the result of months of research

Opening opportunities for other projects

The long hours during the week and the many weekends spent working on these projects pay off when we get the feedback from designers and are also able to collaborate with them in other side projects as well.
It's  always exciting when we see our work highlighted by the media, like Fast Company and The Next Web, and other design-driven companies like Adobe.

Some of the press we have received along the years


99designs 2014-

Moip 2011-14
Brazil, acquired by Wirecard

Locaweb 2010-11

AgenciaClick 2009-10
Brazil, acquired by Isobar

Yahoo! 2007